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Even before dripping, the liquid within the bottle gives a wonderful mouthwatering aroma of the juicy berries, the flavours of which are just a few coil crackles away. On the inhale (at least one the one I’m currently taking, seeing as the berry flavours do seems to switch around within the vapours, bit more on that later), I immediately get sweet, slightly sour raspberries, very much like those in the superb Pink Fairy liquid on BCL.

The raspberry tang carries on into the exhale, where it is combined with a good handful of ripe blueberries which adds a generous splash of dark berry juiciness to the vape. There also seems to be a strawberry note to this too, which usually seems to behave in a fleeting kind of way, exhale too fast and you’ll miss it, whereas other times it’ll stay around long enough to complement the twang of the blue and raspberries with the ideal shot of sweetness. I’m convinced there’s a little something extra in there alongside these too though, but as is often the case with many BCL blends, in the fruit mixes like Yum Berry as well as in the dozens of tobacco liquids, it’s tricky to pin down but adds to the overall fun of vaping. I’m not sure if it’s another berry or not to be fair, just a drop or two of another fruit to give another dimension to it, perhaps it’s something like red grape, or star fruit? I’m not sure but it does remind me of Red White Blue, another smashing BCL fruit mix e-juice I vaped upon happily sometime over last summer.  

Earlier I mentioned the sometimes transient nature of the strawberry flavour in here, but the other flavours can swap places in the vapery with this one, often the blueberry will be right up front, other times trading places with the raspberry, then the extra flavour of star fruity grapiness will suddenely take centre stage. I’m sure it’s a result of my setup, but perhaps it’s a bit of Yum Berry magic. Those of us with regulated devices will surely have a lot of fun calibrating their settings to bring out the different flavours and try finding the specific sweet spot for each berry in the blend.

I could personally have this in my pocket as dripper fuel for all-day fruity vaping. To be honest, whenever I have fruit or berry flavoured e-liquids in my vape-tin, I seldom put them to work as a juice for all-day use, particularly if their flavour palette consists of a single fruit. It tends to get a little bit ‘one-note’ for my tastes, especially when there are much more complex and interesting tobacco and dessert flavours to hand. However, when it’s an expert fruity blend such as Yum Berry, it’s a different story. I’m also thinking of top drawer tackle like Swedish Fish, Guzzleberry, Jungle Jim, Sublime and Red White Blue, all of which are fantastic mixed fruit or berry flavours on BCL, all ripe and ready for extended all day vaping. Yum Berry is another one for this colourful list and if you’re a vaper of fruits, berries in particular, then you’re going to love it.

This is a very refreshing liquid, something which I think would probably be enhanced in further with a drop of mint or menthol added to it (Yum Berry On Ice?). There is throat hit here, which I feel is coming from the tangy twang of the raspberries. This one actually arrived alongside in an order the incredibly rich flavour of Liquorice Tobacco, and I must say that dripping the two one after the other provided me with plenty of fun, enjoyable and satisfying vaping. Plenty of puffs on the dark and earthy flavours of Liquorice Tobacco would then be followed with that lovely Yum Berry palate cleanser.

This comes highly recommended to lovers of berry vapes, but I wouldn’t be afraid to also recommend it to newer vapers. This is purely because I’ve often noted that many of the newcomers I’ve met tend to go for blueberry liquids (as well as some kind of tobacco or cigarette juice to mimic the brand they’ve just handed over). As a newbie, any ‘one-note’ liquid quickly left my tastebuds feeling a little tired by it, but there’s no danger of that with Yum Berry. Either way, it’s a smashing all-round all-day berry liquid; a real must try!

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