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Mumbo Jumbo

Oh yes indeed, this is superb! One of my favourite BCL tobacco vapes of recent times, I’ve kept a few mls of Mumbo Jumbo stored away in my liquid tin for a week or two because I knew I was planning to review it, and it has matured very well indeed and its now better than ever! A vibrant, complex tobacco e-liquid with blend of flavours so rich and varied that it never gets old; as well as the excellent flavour profile, part of the enjoyment in vaping this comes from trying to describe the combination you’re getting from it across a series of puffs.

So how can I define this little beast? Well, I think overall it’d probably be in the fruity tobacco category. As you might know, BCL also offers vapes like Tobacco Fruit, Tobacco Soul and Tobacco Blue which enhance the rolling or looseleaf tobacco vape-base with plenty of lilting fruitiness or dark berry notes, but Mumbo Jumbo takes you on an even longer flavour journey. Currently described on the website as ‘a mixed bag of fruits, wood, leaf, cherry and lots of other delicious flavours’, Mumbo Jumbo definitely delivers on everything promised there.

I certainly get the cherry from this, the bracing sour fruit arriving immediately on the inhale, along with an almondy nuttiness, which soon develops into an aromatic woodiness, along a hint of banana and even peachy apricottiness somewhere on the exhale, a little leafy bitteriness, a hint of anise, a bit of dark choc and caramel every so often and then definitely cherry again in the aftertaste. This is just a general commentary though, because I find these flavours can just swirl round and round each other as you vape on, sometimes the woodiness comes through much more, sometimes the other fruits or the almond, but always with the cherry tobacco flavour being the most prominent.

The flavours I get from this remind me of years ago when I used to frequent a Persian café in Leeds called Kadas Lounge, where they serve all manner of fruity shisha tobaccos in traditional hookah. I’m not sure if they still serve them indoors or if they’ve opened an outdoor area since the smoking ban, because this was many years ago, but this liquid takes me straight back there. Lounging about on comfy sofas and relaxing in the afternoon, having a coffee or two, sharing the shisha with friends and enjoying the enormously chilled-out atmosphere, Mumbo Jumbo definitely evokes those memories for me. Around that time I used to also smoke cherry tobacco, which is prevalent in the profile, so the memory is made even more vivid.

That’s just my personal experience with this stuff though, and even without the sensory memories that it provides me with, I’m sure I’d still enjoy it very much indeed. As far as pairing with a beverage goes, this complements coffee fairly well, but I think it’s more suited to herbal or fruit teas really.

Dripped in the Mutation X RDA at 0.6 ohms, my go-to set up at the mo, and goes exceptionally well in there, especially if I have it set to a medium airflow. Too tight and the cherry seems to overpower, too wide and things seem a little muted. I don’t own a regulated mod, other than my now-retired iTaste, so I can’t adjust the wattage setting in order to try and emphasise certain flavours in the cooking process. But if you’re a vaper who likes experimenting with wattage mode to try and chase specific flavours then you could undoubtedly have a lot of fun in that regard with Mumbo Jumbo, what with it having so many different flavours to chase! Still getting some throat hit from this even at 4mg; I find the cherry flavour provides such satisfaction by itself.

If you’re like me, an indecisive flavour-junkie who has been vaping for quite a while and tried so many awesome tobacco and fruit liquids that you’re often completely stumped on which favourite to choose, Mumbo Jumbo is probably the ideal vape for you. In the wrong hands, this recipe could end up in a messy, muddy juice that just flops onto your tastebuds and doesn’t really evolve, but BCL have blended and balanced the profile to perfection, giving you a mixed bag of flavours that shouldn’t work together, but somehow work an absolute treat! I’ve now finished the last drops of this while writing this review, which brings a bittersweet note to the proceedings, much like Mumbo Jumbo itself.

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