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Strawberry Clouds

My last few BCL reviews have been lauding lovely liquids with names like Unicorn Vomit and Moose Milk, so here’s one with fun, psychedelic connotations, Strawberry Clouds! This is the perfect liquid for vaping half in and out of consciousness while heavily relaxed and horizontal, floating high above the Earth on your very own Strawberry Clouds. An absolute must for dessert/fruity liquid connoisseurs, this is a strawberries and cream vape inflated to billowing proportions.

This flavour is of such high quality that it could easily sit on a shiny vape-shop shelf alongside the premium priced high-end e-liquids, it really is that good! Premium flavour for a fiver? I’ve tried a fair few US imports in vape-shops whilst out and about, and StrawberryClouds would be right at home in those glass cabinets of vape-dreams, on sale along with the expensive e-juice ranges in their glass pipette bottles.

Although the name does give a huge clue as to the flavour, this is far more than a standard strawberry cream liquid.  I won’t mention any vendor names because I only really drop them in if I’m putting them in a positive light, but I will say that a few other dessert e-liquids marketed as strawberries and cream seem to have this terribly synthetic fruit flavour and an almost vomity sourness on the exhale and aftertaste, which give you something of an expired fast-food milkshake vape. Blegh! Others seem to have the right kind of ingredients for a winning flavour profile, but then whole thing then just seems muted to buggery, so you feel like you’re struggling to really taste anything, and end up chasing the flavour to the bottom of the bottle. No such disappointment here though.

There are overflowing punnets of fresh sweet strawberries on the draw, the flavour note robust without being overpowering, and every so often it seems to be accompanied by a fistful of other fruits; I’m sure I could taste a burst of raspberry and peach, perhaps guava or kiwi, even a twist of pineapple.  Overall, the fruity part of the flavour has an excellent balance of addictive sweetness and sour berry tartness, the latter becoming enveloped by the sweetness of the other fruit and then the dairy cream of the exhale before it can become too overly bracing. You then have the effect of the berries swirling round and becoming caught up in a cream-cloud, then floating out the other side covered in luxury yoghurt with double cream and a good dusting of vanilla.

Superior flavours aside, something else that struck me about this was the incredible smoothness of the vape. Because I like to create gigantic clouds with a RDA, I always order 100% VG juice liquids from BCL, so I can generally expect this kind of performance from the liquid. But here, the exceptionally smooth flavours work in total harmony with the VG and along with a low nic level of 4mg, the vape is one of silken smooth strawberry satisfaction. This is exactly the kind of thing you experience with the premium US liquids, such as Mumble, the strawberry cream puff liquid some of you many know from Penguin E-Juice or E-Z Duz It, a strawberry and watermelon mix from Ruthless.

Sitting pretty in the category of sweet dessert vapes, Strawberry Cloud manages to crossover back and forth within this flavour family. As well as having bagfuls of the English summer-time dessert of strawberries and cream, I think it also has an Eton mess quality to it, definitely a distinctive peach melba flavour in there and a thick and creamy strawberry yogurt effect too. You also have something reminiscent of those Campino hard candies from Germany which were available in the UK for a time, haven’t seen them for many years but this liquid immediately brought back memories of  super-smooth strawberry sweet.

While this might be beginning to sound a bit messy in print, the flavours work an absolute treat, bringing together several dessert flavour profiles that all get along together fabulously. I honestly can’t recommend this one enough, I knew from the first puff that I wouldn’t be able to put it down, and ordered another batch right away because I was aware that it would be all but gone in one day.

If you’ve read more than a couple of my reviews then you’ll know that my standard set up is a Mutation X RDA, currently running at 0.5ohms. Folks into vapewear will be aware of this device and the large amounts of vapour it’s capable of producing owing to its increased airflow options, so with a 100% VG mix I’ve been blowing enormous Strawberry Clouds, full bodied flavour even at maximum airflow. As I’ve said previously, I don’t own any variable devices but I’m convinced that you could have a lot of fun experimenting with the wattage for this liquid, as far as I’m aware when you use a wattage mode with a fruit and dairy flavour like this, you can make the fruitiness pop at a higher setting and bring the creaminess to the top on a lower one (or is it the other way around?). With a profile this varied you could have a lot of fun tweaking your watts with this one!

Perfect for vapers of the fruity creamy desserty liquids, and a safe bet for anyone who wants a premium juice in that category but doesn’t want to pay top dollar for the luxury of pipette bottles and whatnot. Perhaps not for everyone because it is like dunking your head in a cement mixer of sweet fruity berries and fresh dairy cream, but even if you’re not a frequent user of the sweet stuff then this would still be great to have now and again, I’m sure it’d be even better after a steep. I wouldn’t know, it’s impossible to make it stay around long enough. Hugely recommended, highly addictive and instantly memorable, one vape of this and there’ll be Strawberry Clouds abound!

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