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Moose milk

After adding the awesomely named Unicorn Vomit (which I think has now been renamed as the more restrained Rainbow) to my last BCL basket, I had to throw this one in as well. After a bit of research, I found that Moose Milk is in fact a cocktail made from vanilla ice cream, milk, rum, vodka, Kahlua and nutmeg. So I had a good idea what to expect from this. Whilst it doesn’t adhere rigidly to that list, It’s definitely a sweet, cream vape, highly addictive and easily an all day vape for me. In fact I’m almost at the last few drops now; it was difficult saving enough to review with.

Although some of the ingredients listed above are present, the liquid has been made to BCL own Moose Milk recipe, because I’m definitely tasting cinnamon rather than nutmeg. On the inhale your tastebuds receive this right away, but you get the sweetness of the spice rather than the heat, the latter being much milder and in the background there. This is definitely not one of those ‘red hot’ cinnamon vapes; try BCL Cinnamon Hot for that, good grief that stuff needs to be handled with care, especially if you’re using it to drip with!

But that’s another vape for another review. I think the heat may have been more apparent in Moose Milk if it wasn’t for the tastes on the exhale, where you become immediately aware of the perfect balance of creaminess, almost full-cream milkiness alongside the cinnamon, bringing the sweetness into a full flavoured ‘beverage’ kind of profile. There’s some vanilla sweetness there too, but no ice-cream to speak of, because you can’t really achieve such a flavour effect without some kind of cooling menthol element. I guess that would probably work well in this liquid, but I think I’d much prefer it without. No bracing vodka tastes to speak of here, but I’m sure there is a dark rum flavour involved, as well as a drop of sweet coffee. Extremely well-rounded stuff, the flavours blend together superbly without any of them becoming too overpowering as you take yet another vape of Moose Milk.

As mentioned, this is more of a beverage vape than an alcoholic cocktail flavour to me, seeing as the alcoholic part is a rich rumminess as well as being less prominent than the cinnamon and cream overall. It actually reminds me very much of a chai-tea latte drink that you often find in espresso bars; I say this because I once had a short stint as a barista at Caffe Nero, and used to serve this drink all the time, and help myself to one at break-time every so often, still enjoy one occasionally if I find myself in such an establishment. The flavours are extremely close to this extremely comforting sweet cinnamon drink, and as a result this vape has a very relaxing and soothing effect on me. Definitely one for the evenings, but perhaps a good breakfast-time vape too.  The drink I’m describing here’s not to be confused with the traditional Indian masala chai tea though, which of course contains shovelfuls more spices than its Western chai-latte counterpart. How about an Indian chai e-liquid Andy?

As always I’ve been using this in my Mutation X dripper, with a coil running at about 0.6 ohms, and even at full air flow the flavours are always loud and clear. In fact I think I prefer it with more air-flow, with a tighter setting it seems the cinnamon can begin to mute the other flavours out a little. Cinnamon as a flavour is especially prevalent in anything it is added to, not just e-liquids, so it will sometimes stay around after a coil or tanks worth of eliquid has been long since vaped away, the spice-note seems to stay within your equipment so you might find you need to give your stuff a clean after you’ve had a lot of Moose Milk. Also, I’d advise again using this in polycarbonate gear because, as many of you will know, a strong cinnamon liquid can result in tank cracking. I say this not because you might lose a clearomizer in the process, but because it will result in tragic loss of several mls of precious Moose Milk. My bottle is 4mg strength, but I'm still receiving throat hit due to the cinnamon flavour having the ability to provide enough satisfaction by itself in that regard.

I know the flavour of cinnamon can divide folk a lot, I know plenty of people who can’t abide the stuff, but if you enjoy this spice in your vape then I can’t recommend this enough. If you’re also into the sweeter, creamier vapes (although this isn’t as sweet as a custard or candy vape due to the spice element), then you ought to enjoy it immensely.

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