We have all heard about ‘steeping’ a juice, but what really is it all about? Below is some basic information about steeping.

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What is Steeping and When Should I Do It?

If you have ever purchased an e-liquid and the flavour just didn’t taste right, you may need to steep the e-liquid. This is a very simple process and can improve your vaping experience and satisfaction.

When to Steep E-liquid

If your liquid is very fresh or just doesn’t taste right, it is time to steep.

Many E-liquid vendors mix your juice once you have placed the order. A fresh batch often needs time to mature much like wine and spirits. Most E-liquids are made of four components: Nicotine liquid, propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) base, flavouring (artificial and natural) and water. These ingredients need to blend properly to reach the best quality and flavour,

I have purchased two of the same flavour of e-liquid, only to find that one tasted bland while the other had that flavour that just rocks. After several weeks, the bland bottle started to taste better, and the only thing I did was let it steep in my desk at work.

How to Steep E-liquid

The process of steeping is a cycle of shaking, then letting the e-liquid breathe and rest.  You can steep for a few hours, overnight, or even for a few weeks if needed. If a tried and true e-liquid just doesn’t have that crisp flavour with a clean atomizer, a couple hour steep may be in order, but when an manufacture recommends steeping on a made-to-order batch, a couple weeks may be just the trick.

Step One: Shake the bottle vigorously for up to a minute.

Step Two: Open the cap and remove dripper, set open bottle in a cool, dark place like a cabinet or closet to breathe. Let sit several hours.

Step Three: Seal container, repeat Step One and let sit in that same cool dark place up to several days.

Step Four: Test vape and repeat if needed.

The true fact is that everyone is different, each person has their own take on a juice and flavour, what one person will hate the other will enjoy. Steeping will help a juice and sometimes it wont so its always best to contact us to see what's the best way to get the most our of your E liquid.

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